Haven’t had a long day like this in years.  LOVE it.  7:55, bed by 10:30, latest.  Driving from SF stressing about time and how this schedule rearranges and condenses EVERYTHING.  Not as much.  So I need to condense, consolidate… people say not so many hours in day, or not enough.  Sure there are, merely have to measure, and minimize.

Lunch at New Belgium, but no beer.  Fish n Chips for me with Diet Coke, then walked the other BDM’s prospect’s property.  Wanted to take a picture on that 19th floor but didn’t.  Being int he city today… telling me, I’m here, THERE, finally arrived.  This is all for my kids.

Back to office after that and taking care of this thing, that, talking to Jason and getting some advice on approach.  Now at 228 kitchen island bar, feeling grateful, texting Mom and Dad, missing Ms. Kerri as I have been so obsessively and reachingly in days, weeks recent.  Especially since I caught covid.

Tomorrow, back on California Street.  So excited I can’t pause.  How will I work out, run?  Part of me thinks that running around that financial district is the only offering, then the other Mikey side says wake when my brother Abraham does, 4-ish, and hit the tread.  Not sure that’s realistic now, in these inaugural stages.  An adjustment.  Hate that word and inference, this is NEWNESS. What I’ve always wanted and dreamt of, far back to when with x.  Now the writer is free, and composes in his lively and new liberty.

8:09…. Still time.  Shower in morning, need coffee—  This morning, and all day, only the double espresso in the loft’s coffee corner.  18-mo plan at this company, and coffee is part of it.  A house, in St. Helena, something small.