First walk to Café Noto in over a week.  First latte.  Wind, lots of it.  Started laundry, putting away clothes later, my laundry and Chardonnay party.  But now, nothing much to write or report.  Plenty of sleep last night but energy level still a bit low.  Haven’t decided on tomorrow, the tasting room, yay or nay.  No pressure on self to decide now.  Not thinking about sales, or wine, running, the wind, just my kids.  How I had to give up time with them because of this covid jazz.  Tested negative last night, should have started with that.  That’s why I walked down the block.

9:25 thoughts taking m to the left, staring at the file and work zip-able folder I’ll obviously use Monday.  There I go again… what do I want from the day.  Of course clean the house.  That sink, ugh.  Dishes, vacuum.  Should relax and not stress about it, but it’s for my own sanity.  Seriously.  This goddamn covid, doing something to the way I think, slowing me down now when at the beginning I was obsessive and had to write, couldn’t out down the laptop even with a fever.  So weird.  So annoying.