Up from a power nap and have so much energy I wouldn’t dare touch the espresso machine.

Cleaned room, started laundry, checked mail and still no checks…. Responded to email, cleaned office a bit more, rescheduled appointment for 8am tomorrow morning.  Hear an old family friend that I used to take care of when she was little is now having a baby… fuck I’m old.  I need a beer, wasn’t ready for that.

Pushed to create more, faster…. Coffee cup empty on desk, making me think of the mornings and how I use them.  Will be up earlier tomorrow since Kerri’s staying over.  Make coffee, start writing, starting closing the AE book.  Yes…

I’m overthinking no more, in fact thinking much less as a promise to self and recording, telling stories for the kids to later read.  This whole day I’ve been repeating ‘simplification, singularization, consolidation’…. Over and over while driving, when at lunch with self, looking out at the Green.

Jack texts me that he got a A++ on his Social Studies test, the one he was stressed over and that I helped him study for.  Told me not to tell my parents, that he wants to surprise them.  Funny as I texted them immediately after he told me, but he doesn’t know I told them and I swore them to silence.  Such a moment right now, so proud of him, and envying his priorities and concentration on this test and the gift I said was waiting for him (v bucks for Fortnite, his favorite game right now).

So proud of him, can’t wait to see him.  Somehow have to gather some funds for his gift.  Love his texts, how excited and concentrated on me his dad and my reaction… proud of him doesn’t capture what I’m feeling at all.  I literally feel like I have the best goddamn kid in the world, by a factor of thousands.  Oh my god…. Awesome work Jack, cheers.