Back from Kerri’s a little over 15 minutes ago.  Espresso, finally bought some last night on our target run along with some other things and a pillow that reads “WE HARVEST LOVE HERE”.  Saw it while walking down one of the longer center isles and it immediately stopped me.  Keeping in office for now, may move to love… where do I want this love message, I ask myself.  Don’t think about it.  Keep it here for now, maybe it’ll move around.

Site visit with my SE at 11:30 in Petaluma.  Weekend at wineries ahead, excited of course.  For the stories and characters, what they’re pouring.  Posted yesterday to the vinovinevin blog and now want to build even more, but how…. Keep writing, WINE, put every thought on posts.  Last night with dinner a glass of the Copain Rosé which was perfect with that spicy pork belly whatever we ordered.  It was perfect, everything was.

I think about a wine shop, again, the stray dollar bills in the cabinet behind me or actually to the left the way I’m turned sitting at this desk, using it for something with the shop.  Lexi telling me this morning she spent $5,000 on a slew of particulars for the TR downtown.  This made me think, will need many many MANY more bills in that cabinet.