…not in the mood to call anyone, I totally would have put it off till tomorrow.  Interesting guy, building pharmacy businesses and selling them then one day deciding to have his own winery.  Everything estate too, which always holds my attention.

The happiness in his voice, just as intense and connective as the other two people I interviewed.  Life passing me but I’m taking everything from every day and scene that I can – dinner tonight with Kerri, more than likely staying there, then back here early.  Two appointments for tomorrow—  Heard from one of the prop tech guys.

“I don’t want this to get too big, then it’ll feel like a job.” Winery owner said over the phone after I asked what his annual case run is.  About 1400 css.  Just what I see for me and my project eventual.  Old vineyard pics speaking to me, assuring, promising. Can feel the story about to shift again, and for a great go of greatness and happiness, all shared with and FOR the kids.

He mentioned having a guy over for pizza one night, beer and a blackboard, and they started a company.  Can’t stop replaying his words, the story itself.