All three kids taken to school.  Woke before 6 for the first time in over a year, easily.  Jack and Emma easy for the most part, but Henry was a bit slow. Needed time to wake and have his breakfast, watch a little Cocomelon, and off we were I thought till Jack brought it to my attention their water bottles needed to be filled.  “Shit,” I thought, “there goes our time cushion.” Yes, it was gone.  Out the door and onto 101.  Steel Lane exit, right and drive up to Franklin and Henry to school more or less on time.  Of course he started legitimately crying and then I started choking up, Julie takes him and walks away telling him they can see the fishies.  Not sure what happened after that.

Jack and Emma both on time, and the drive back was odd as is it now int he house completely quiet.  Happens every time… can’t wait till I have quiet then when I do it’s saddening and I become a lachrymose mop.  Got self a latte, couple emails already sent and some money moved.  This should be my only expense for the day… #blogeverything now my prime priority today more than the AE story or anything wine-associated.. speaking of, text Lexie and see if check is to be mailed.  In a sec…. I’m a productivity binge again this morning… noting everything in real time like last night with kids having pizza with their grandparents.  Cookies from my neighbor for dessert, ready for bed quick all clothes put out, and smoothness, ease, no stress.

Mondays now starting to be like Tuesdays which are my favorite as you’ve read.  Concentrating on not thinking, walking in and from whim… This morning like some before it, shining and directly on me, teaching and renewing, gently showing me what I’ve overlooked.