3:10 finally with some slowed momentum in day. 

Get kids soon, need another Diet Coke.  More energy, will need to work a bit while kids are here.  Finish one project, then another.  Revenue generation, my only aim.  New business under one umbrella and dominant concept next to another like-business.  Everything in the moment.

3:13 nearly time.  Meaning in all objects.  Studying Dad’s work habits and how he writes, in the custom of printing pages, his own, then writing notes in margins, sometimes attaching post-its… booking a reading for myself next week somewhere here in Sonoma County.  Why has that thought ever left my head.  Where… thinking Sebastopol, or HBG maybe, possibly Petaluma.  Read a small piece, printed outside this 2022 journal….  Two page reaction to something the kids do, or some wine I taste, or a run.  Huh… when was the last.  Nevermnd… running tomorrow.

Last minutes to self before getting in car. Need a sweater, it’ll be brisk for sure at Jack’s baseball field.   My overthought stalling me, the indecisive anvil on each nerve.  Again.

Still a couple things on list, leave for tomorrow.  Humor in all of this… just tell self that.  The earthquake bringing with it paradigmatic language and qualities.