…..promising in ways that some of the other recents have.  Resplendent and radiant, new Composition and love int he Room… this office.

Dinner with Kerri last night then shopping for her charcuterie boards then back to her house where she shared more ideas on approaches and mentality.  Something in here, in our friendship which is more than a friendship and more than banal boyfriend-girlfriend helix.

20 minutes till 9… all that time spent collecting and readying for day, here.  Check yesterday from IT partner.  Should give him a call today, check in, keep our conversation alive.

Desk a mess again, no surprise there, here where I sit.  Talking with Lexi this morning about health and health maintenance, a health “journey” as she referenced it… need to get to the gym tonight, no excuses.

Pile of receipts again, just stacking and stacking….  I’ll do three then take a break, three more then…

Happiness and anxiety, the latter more able to be controlled that you think.  Or rather, than I up until recent realized.  Ne understanding and presence…. My sister, wonder ow harvest is treating her exhausted character.  Think she might be burnt out on winemaking, just my take.