11am now…. Should think about a shower, shaving… driving to HQ

Leave loft at, what, 1:30?  Phone says 18 minutes to get there.  Yeah 1:30’s perfect.

Doing just what Mom suggested, talking to myself, learning more about this new Mike Madigan, another time over FREE and with canvas inviting.  Garrulous with self, literally asking today’s Mike questions, writing them down, lamenting and cementing these new convictions and Composition collective.  No one to answer to, check in with, but it’s more than that.  What do I want from the story, MY story… single dad, solo, and beyond STRONG.

Thinking of the movie Stranger Than Fiction, and how the professor’s character told Harold to just go live his life.  Make it the one he’s always wanted.

Break from desk, upstairs for shower.  Blogging… capturing everything.. five pics right where I am… Happiness journal, coffee cup, books, coin, wallet…. The Now, everything in its Composition… kindness, gratitude, yesterday for Father’s Day and all Mom did.

I’m 43, 3 kids… living in Windsor.  Condo, internet story and company story forming.  What’s next for me….  What do I want?  Why wait for anything?  That’s insane, a new definition of insanity.