Back from getting latte.  Warm outside.  Should run sooner.  Slow 5k.  Pushing launch time to 11:30 since I’m sipping slow.

Nothing happening in AE story, ’s much I try.  HAPPINESS PROJECT sentence for day, “The stress, any stress or anxiety, is quelled by the smile I refuse to let go of and that’s how it’ll stay.” The Happiness words and definition of mine expands this morning.  Don’t feel that pull and taunt of quota… just living life as a writer, at this desk.  The thankful squeeze about me is strong and present, radically.

Calming self down, tempering sentimentality.  A technology for lawyers and law firms, not being a lawyer not knowing much about lawyers beyond my experience with Charlotte and that ex’s marrowless band of gudgeons.  What do they need, why do they need it….  Why spend more.  That kind of thing.  What’s going through my head.  Putting myself in the attorney’s chair.

LoFi beats, staple and present pillar, rhythmic regime if you would.  Influencing mood in only positive arrangements and placements.  Quiet in AE chat and world, and I’m not bothered.

Taking next Monday to self, I’m ruling.  ‘Nother self-care day.  Needed.  Warranted.  DONE.