Where do I start….  New month, day.  Shower, new clothes, one more laundry pile to do

then I’m actually caught up.  Nothing on books today, as usual, except for this new prospecting strategy that my IT friend mentioned yesterday.

LoFi beats at the crush pad tasting room yesterday, so that’s the A.M. mood now and perhaps well into the day.  Running at 11, do or die.  Just 5k.  New route up Windsor River Road, will make it up as I go.

Quick bit of added meditation here and collection before I begin prospecting.  Grip the obsidian turtle Kerri got me, rub it a couple times then a little kiss.  Amazing things are about to find me, this blog, my business, the kids, this condo…. Patience, that’s the struggle for Mike Madigan.  Somehow have to deal, force self to a patience path.

Now what…. Look for other IT partners, but then I’m distracted.  Thought of a latte, since I didn’t get one yesterday.  Walk to the Green, be outside, air.  Yes.

Restarting computer, perfect time to go.  But so relaxed and enlivened by this new focus and emphasis on law firms… something else here.  In terms of communication, connectivity.