J. Bucher Pinot on desk.  Still in office.

Not leaving.  No need to be on 2nd floor loft.  Stay here, generating ideas…. Working.  No distractions.

Listening to music, relaxing, ignoring this devil’s messages and demands.  Irrational poke and stokes and attempted chokes…. I’m in pugilistic pen-send… here I am.  8:45… this Pinot has me seeing my vineyard, the kids playing in it, helping their Auntie Katie and I on the pad.

Writing in Paris journal, enjoying my night in the office, more than the second floor loft.  This is the new consistency, like the Nook in Skyhawk.  So grateful… manifesting a new story and person, Personhood – IDENTITY.  

Tasting I did at Grand Cru earlier finalizing my books and writing Beat.  Former student with the Jack Kerouac quote on my birthday, the right words, SIMPLICITY…. NOW.  Here at this desk.

More of me, MY story and this current current – I could get more specific, and respond here to messages and lies, but time is eroding and these devils deserve NOTHING.  And it’s time to work… what I’m doing.  BDX, a business.. an office in Palo Alto, or maybe Petaluma, I don’t know.  Somewhere.. someday sell and watch vines.