Picture of me swirling Chardonnay yesterday, the view from back patio lawn… wine

in everything, designing this new character and story for me… WORK.  Create, build the story more from this desk… About. EVERYTHING.

What next do I… sip cooled coffee, look out window, knowing that soon something amazing will materialize for me, the kids, my family.  Looking at these pics from yesterday and a couple of the kids, selfie I just took of me now this morning today on day 3 of 43.  I’m more than happy… I’m emotionally and (I rarely say this) spiritually assembled.


Thinking about the 1000 words above.  How I started my day.  Me as a writer and I guess business and tech bloke, wanna-be web designer.  Began day addressing mood, a mood that didn’t survive long.  I’m choosing to dead it.  That simple my friend, DONE.  The to-do list of the day…  Not sure I’ll get around to the car wash.  SHIT.  Maybe on the way home from IT meeting?  Haven’t washed that car since I got it.  Isn’t that pathetic, and immature?

6:09.. had the rest of the Ramen for dinner, early dinner.  In office and about to post to BDX.  Back in a minute, or 10…

6:12 Balletto SB and at desk.  Done eating for the night.  Bed early I remind myself.  Drive to Anytime, run for an hour, then at desk.  Ignoring messages from one foul and cowardly wart.  Moving further into my work this evening.  I made it down here… more than discipline, but DECISION.