Lifts me, honestly.  Has me more connected to day.  Looking forward to lunch, taking a break and looking through some shots from yesterday, tasting at Dutcher Crossing.  Chardonnay, Rosé, Syrahs (2), then some other reds.  Just the type of label I want.  She does 5000 cases, I don’t want to do that much, but something around 1000 css/40 barrels.  Oh shit, forgot I have a tasting today at 3, at a Fiber client’s place down the street.

Day filling up.  Woke earlier than I usually do, was making coffee and espresso well before 8.  Tonight will try AGAIN to get to bed early and wake early, get run out of the way.  Maybe finally make it to Anytime Fitness here in Windsor.  Running aims, can’t let them be ephemeral any longer.  Have that be the staple and page climate.  RUNNING… whenever I can.  Can fit one in before lunch meeting, then I have that goddamn tasting.  Tomorrow morning, settled.  Still in fast, and if I take my first bit just after noon that should be about a 12-hour stretch.  Nothing impressive, but it could be worse.

Thinking about Maui… the writings I did there, on the ride over, the turbulence over the ocean and right before landing.  The two runs I did…. Mapping out rest of day, from when I get back to the loft.

Putting new mentality and story on salver for me, serving it and there is no alternative.  This is the meal… there is no movement to the feast.  10:47 and the day does move, quickly.  Like it’s after something, maybe me.  100 words, am I close?  Thinking about me at 43, right now, my kids and this condo, everything that’s happened since around this time last year…. How it factors into my HAPPINESS PROJECT.