Share the Now, share it loudly, and haven detail or story be unsaid.  Something like that…

mind out of its mood mud now, alive and manifesting and bringing about this new story at 43. 

More than distancing self from those toxic.  You who’s being cited without being cited. Not wasting syllables on that half-faced haggard.  I’m in this new beat, new room, loft, page… everything new.

Just after 9.  9:06… okay, I guess time to work.  OH, latte first.  Then call new leads, old ones, see what I can do.. check in with SE’s, see what status is on possible builds.. look up businesses organically as I always do.  Maybe walk one or two of the nearby business parks… I mean, what else can I do?

Invite from IT friend to have lunch at noon in Sebastopol.  I ask him where and he says somewhere in the Barlow and I offer Ramen Gaijin and he agrees.  Love that place.  My mission with this lunch is pretty clear – LEADS.  And if none surface, then I tried.  What more can I do.


No latte.  Some calls made and they weren’t as bad as I thought.