Design… the idea.  Building something new.  Attitude, perspective, writing mode or style. 

Engineering a new reality.  Where my head is right now.  Can’t continue to stress like this.  Not only is it not healthy, but I’m bored with it.  The feeling of stress itself.  I’m annoyed by it.  Refusing it.  Denying it a right to live.

Time sheets due today.  Have to log drives, and I think there were only 2?  A little commission on this check but not much.  Blogging and design business… right now.  Today.  MANIFEST IT.  You know what, I am treating myself to a latte.  In just a minute.  Happiness definition forming new peaks and contour, denotation and connotation.  It’s decided.  Happiness is that simple – the words are simple, the action is simple and contained.  We often talk ourselves into the moods we want to escape.

Forgot about that check that came in.  Oh thank the Obsidian….  Kerri’s words on manifesting yesterday morning over coffee again rattling me, teaching… what do you want, I ask myself.  THEN FUCKING DO IT, GET IT.  Agreed, I say to my harsh inner voice at 8:57am to some new LoFi beats.  Idea behind AE Designed is simple….