Woke in mood, so I just wrote out to-do’s.  Car wash, budget—

Distracted by a message, then looking for the little piece of obsidian Kerri gave me a couple months ago I think it is now.  Went up and down the stairs looking on all 3 floors, nothing.  Then of course saw it on desk right next to the AE laptop.

Thought about going to Noto like yesterday with Ms. Kerri but decided to save, make espresso and coffee in the little coffee corner in kitchen.  Mood remains, but what does it revolve around?  The AE story, money, that ex, the struggle to keep this office clean and uncluttered?  Little of all I think. 

Grab HAPPINESS PROJECT journal from shelf.  Last sentence for today, May 31st, was 2016.  Six years ago, where I absolutely needed a happy sentence, I wrote “I’m singing today, reciting to myself & the world.” Wonder where Mike Madigan was when he wrote that, exactly where.  Home?  The JC?  2016, so I was at which winery?  Dutcher?  Doesn’t matter… writing today’s happy sentence.  “Happiness in simple because it’s always present and never need be sought.”

Listen to my own words, that might help.  8:25 and I have little interest in the AE day.  That attitude won’t help, I know.  Have to call clients and find out why they’re not paying their bills, which is always fun.

Yesterday, a day of self-care as instructed by Ms. Kerri.  Feel like I need another such and more intense day today.