Home from dinner.  Restless and indecisive, not sure what to do with my night.  Have kids tomorrow all day and have to work since they’re out of school and it’s my day so that’s molding my head and focus however it wishes.  Trying to shove it aside, just for a minute.

Dutcher Crossing Rosé open, glass one.. brainstorm.  $4 tip at dinner, can’t forget.  Noted on receipt.  Older and more paranoid and conscious of money.  That’s the loft’s effect, or one of many.

Told self at Sweet T’s, or reminded myself – LIVE MORE, WRITE LESS. 

Yes.  Going to play games like my kids in a minute, or watch a movie, or both.  Just enjoy my night.  Why am I thinking so much.  Like in Maui… didn’t live as much as I should’ve… wrote too much or thought about writing in the same obsessive and excessive exponent.

7:18 what do I do with the remainder of the night. May and should go to bed early.  Up far too late last night writing and then ordering something from DoorDash with that hunger I couldn’t fight off…

New time for me.  Starting a-fresh as Mom and Dad say.  Yes, but more odd and arduous to mange than I forecasted.  Speaking of forecasting, have to send Mark my two biggest opps for June.. do I have two?  Fuck… the AE story— Don’t want to talk about it.

Watching Anchorman.. years since I’ve seen this.  I’m laughing like a clown idiot single dad with a night to himself.  And no shame, only celebration.

No priority, no pressure… just an embrace of the night as it is.  At desk.. no music or movie, not now anyway but that’ll change.  Tired from run, may be in bed sooner than before thought.  Another glass of Rosé… makes me think of my kids’ mother.  There were times… never mind.  After, onward, what can I do.  Maybe walk around the Green like it’s Paris.