Typing on one knee.  Henry throwing a toy and me telling him to stop.  He laughs.  Jack using my chair to play Mario…


10:21… have to take Jack to birthday party soon, his best friend since like 7 months of life.  Playing games again in office.  Looking for my backpack in which to bring wipes and diapers for HLR, one of my many names for Henry.  Dad and Mom to be over later for dinner, friend coming as well.  43, more absorbed in ME.  Don’t care how that sounds.  Self-absorbed?  Yeah so what.  For years one human took too much of this writer.. now I’m FREER than any bird, any idea, and canvassing wolf.

3-shot latte, got kids Starbucks which was a gift to self of sorts not having to make them breakfast.  Well, that and I’m out of shit in the house for making anything.  Huge grocery run needed for sure.

Jack and Emma collaborate on Altered Beast, and I have to laugh, Jack in his instruction to Emma.

Writing happiness in this new year of life for this writer.. more freedom, less deliberation, and a complete desolation of fear.  No presence of it on this new #professormikey planet and this BDX blog.

Office more clean that last week, Jack moving the sofa chair to be right in front of the “arcade screen” as we call it, Jack staying my office is his arcade.  He wanted to be comfortable, so I’m fine with it.  They’re happy, all three, even Henry’s not grieving or protesting or attacking— oh wait….  Either way, calm and tranquil.  Need it.  Today, just today, another new start.