The kids…. Their faces and words, even Henry with his

communicative attempts, teaching me about me and how I communicate through these lines and paragraphs.  Sometimes I’m laughing, others sad, then reflective, then one of them meaning no cares and only wanting to play and have fun and roll eyes at and forget about responsibility.

Should check into the AE story.  Earlier another AE and I talking about how it’s getting more difficult for us to hit quota, or sign new business.  So much out of our control, no matter how much ra-ra talk is lobbed.

See another of my AE buddies on the chat, send him a message saying we need to calendar a lunch or beer, or beer lunch next week.  Good to talk with the other AE’s, see how they’re—

Or, better to start a new walk and story.  Completely new…

The idea of building, after my buddy Nick’s presentation Wednesday morning on his construction business and the in’s and out’s of working with clients and the type of work he’s doing but now has to shift a bit to a focus I forgot.  Either way… building…. 

Blank.  How I’m feeling now but not in a nerve-wracking or menacing way, no threat.  Like a door opened for the first time.  But then something else comes up…. When is this going to stop, this hostility from that ex and the divorce shit?  Beyond over it.


Definitely a lack of interest in elaborating or writing about that to any known length.  Wine, wine is always more story-worthy.  I’m not saying more than the kids, but definitely more than divorce and scuffling with your ex, or being an AE, or sales.  But wine is so difficult, on levels too vast to tally.  They say there’s no money in wine, and whomever ‘they’ are, are right.

What if I go about it a completely different way…. Write about the Road tot he shop.  But how much will that shop make?  Am I too focused on money?