Kerri’s attitude.  And instruction.  Teaching me about self-care, that today need be just that.  She asked me what I’m doing on this day of self-care till the birthday dinner at her house later, 5:30.  I answered writing, of course, then said laundry and she stopped my explanation saying such isn’t self-care.  I agree and don’t.  But what punctuates itself with me is her urgency and commitment to maintaining the character’s composition.

I told her that next year I want to return to Paris.  She again stops me and said, “Let’s plan it.  You can’t just talk about it, you have to manifest it.” I’ve mentioned her emphasis on manifesting and how before meeting her I thought the word was all buzz and fad.  Now I understand the value and application.  She put Paris on her calendar right there, through her phone.  2/14/23… Paris.  So it’s happening.  Doing the same with some projects here in office and with this day of caring for 43 year old Mike Madigan.

Run later, maybe.  Or take the day off and swear to tomorrow beginning the new running story.  Tasting room and production facility down the street I’ve been meaning to see.  Get receipts entered though I’m sure Ms. Kerri too would cite that as the antithetical, but to get it out of my mental would be the whole purpose of caring for self.  The mental shelf, accrue synaptic and perceptive wealth.

Semantics, at the end.  One perception, then another. I need adopt and form and attitude and langue like Ms. Kerri… with Sonic changing, I need to as well.  Manifest the web design and blogging, content and media.. something tabled for who nows how long and even more tabled since this time last year.  Now, new age, new language…