In office, but won’t be long.  Early bed. 

Glass Chardonnay, Michel-Schlum’.  After quick Kin dinner, thinking about my story, what I’m to do and the urge some of us, me especially have, to look for something new rather than use what’s already present.

Now present, few pillars noteworthy – Chardonnay, Tycho’s easing reverb and sound positioning, finally home in my loft – what I’ve waited for, for however long, once only dreaming about it and convinced it would stay a dream.

Have to text back Dad, some more strategy…. Done.

Looking at Maui pics again.  Beautiful, but I was ready to come home.  And now I don’t crave travel as I used to.  Thought on the second-to-last day, “I’m a home body now, I’m sure…”

And I am sure.  Simplicity as I always write.  One example is the pen holder on desk.  Not a pen holder at all but one of the pint glasses, plastic, I bought for the kids.  Bought three, so I thought I deserved one, whatever the purpose.

I keep looking at the brick wall.  One down here not as impressive as the loft’s, but still brick and beautiful.  Listening to this track, and the one before, making me think of a bar, counter, people sitting, not so much low lighting but simple and an ethereal invitation.  Where would I do this….  One thought is here, then the other is Healdsburg.  Or another, just write it… keep the brainstorming eternal.

This desk, mess but tonight I’m more or less agreeable with its self-fix.  More of the same envelopment felt on the island.  The sun, beach, those flames that one sunset that stopped not only me but everyone one or near the beach.

One more glass, then bed.  Sunriver in head now and need go back.  When.