Checking out, heading back.  Shuttle gets us at 11 I believe.  Bags all packed, just wanted one more latte and writing sitting.  Somewhere different, at the coy pond by the waterfall.  Laptop on lap, phone at right and latte in front of me. 

In field tomorrow.  All 5ft 7 of sunburned Mike Madigan.  Three territories, all SR.  Budget, and kepts simple, submit expenses and get $500 reimburse from company.  Eat light and tight till pay on Friday, get blogging assignments.

Excited to be back home, honestly.  In the loft.  Arrive at SFO at 10-something.  Probably won’t get home til….  Midnight?  It’ll be a long week.  Kids on Thursday, FINALLY.  At winery Sunday, can’t forget.  This vacation has my mind scattered and a bit sloppy.  Looking forward to being in the home office, walking territory, seeing what I can do toward quota.

Yesterday went by so fast, again, like it never happened.  Brunch with Keoini and his girlfriend Georgia, then me with colleages by pool.  Then dinner, took myself out for a burger as promised, time with Luke and then some colleagues on their balcony, then bed.  It just passed me, time.  No concern, no reasoning, just doing what it’s supposed to do.

9:46, I’ll be down here with all bags checking out in 59 minutes.  Just to be ahead of everything.  One more walk on beach trail?  Why not.  Ending entry, live more than write, what I’m taking back to the poz loft, to the AE story.

Everything is about to change…