Prospected a little more.  Now need to get upstairs and shower and leave for Santa Rosa, visit to SF Winery. 

Friend mentioned manifesting again, something she brought into existence, reality, and it concerned money.  How did she do it, no idea.  She said she’d tell me tonight at dinner.  Even before that talk though, I’m going to “manifest” 3 things in the next week, and I’m writing them here so I can inventory all steps to their would-be fruition.

1, three clients for blogging and web site creation, content forming.  Three clients totaling approximately $5,000 a month.

2, syndicate an article, about something.  One thing.  And no, not wine.  Thinking either happens or attitude— wrote idea down.  This too will be a paid stream.  One article, EVERY WEEK.  On Monday, meant for Monday audiences…. 501 words, every article.

3, running.  Get back into it ferociously after this cold passes, and create running content.  Note every step and distance, wakeup time and cramp.  Aim for this Is revenue oriented as well.

Starting on all three today, and they WILL work.  It will happen.  I’m not merely self-convinced, I’m aware of their eventuality.