Not gonna lie… freaking out about quota a little bit.

I know, it’s only January. Still.

Redwood Cafe after looking at condo just down the road here in Cotati.

Plate arrives with omelet never tried, setting aims for next week. Two networking events, hand out cards… go to Peninsula one day, San Carlos.

More sales writings and content. One note – RELAX. Stop thinking about quota.

Trying to talk self into that type of mind. Lunch done, leaving in a sec. Thinking about going back to home office, or getting some coffee somewhere.

Sales people get in these sorts of moods. Yeah, guess I am a sales person. NO, I yell inwardly, you’re a WRITER. That’s how you’ll kill this behemoth quota. Write one letter, right now, to someone at a business….

Sent pricing to two new prospects, doubt they’ll take it. Resold AT&T fiber, and that pricing is exorbitant, to say the least. Sent email to a Silicon Valley chamber member…

12:20 and still at the cafe. Slowing down, nursing what’s left of the Diet Coke.

Time to leave, I believe. Starting new project later… solely centered on the AE story. Doing the same thing will not help kill this new quota.

Know my new writing beat. Gavel. DECREE.