Offsite typing and working again.

Not saying spot. I know, and that’s all that need be now or ever known. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. Love this song, the writing. When was the last time I heard it? No idea. Love the story, struggle, real life scenes in the stanzas.

Dinner in just under 2.5 hours. May stay here till 4 then go back home, get ready. Missing a character, can’t stop thinking. Not using ‘…’ in this post. Everything a statement, everything with definition, confidence.

Hardball, I was urged earlier. With writing, some conversations, EVERYTHING. Now a song by Weezer, “Island in the Sun”. Don’t like this track, for a number of reasons which I won’t go into.

Know it’s a workday, but I don’t feel it. At all. Well it does, but not in traditional sense. Looking around this place, I realize THIS, this is work. The people, the music, the front of the floor, where I am in this booth, the front door, where I parked. Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, even with as much as I recently curse it or express boredom or annoyance.

No idea what to do, write, nothing. I stare at the phone’s screen. Hate when I do that.