A Set Shibboleth


Site visit done.  Not sure how much opportunity is there, but I visited a site and have a potential lead.  Putting everything into this AE story, I’ve decided.  EVERYTHING.  And I vow to be About EVERYTHING.

Meeting at 11.  After that prospecting.. before leaving this Peet’s Coffee on Mendo, a place I’ve only written once, maybe twice, I want two new leads, fiber-optic only.  I’m going to fight this self-doubt and low estimation of the AE story.  Sell whatever I can, earn what I need to start my own office, then continue in such hue.

10 hours and 44 minutes into fast.  No fasting aims today.  Reall should run, since the right leg feels far better than yesterday.  No tightness, nervy aches or anything like that.  Take today off, I tell myself.  One more day of recovering.  Focus on the AE story.

Will station after meeting, work till about 4:30, then switch locations.  Leads meeting tomorrow, and I’m quite eager to get that story in its set sequence.  Writing more letters, sending more quick notes, and being in the Field more.  Tomorrow, Novato.

Knowing that it’s my character and Mike Madigan’s attitude and approach and translation that needs the attention.  More so than the specifics entailed in the AE story – the tech, the channels of communication, collaboration with a Sales Engineer.  ME… I’m the story.

What’s after the AE story…. Why think about that, at all?  Notes in journal, plan for next few months with markers to hit.  Meeting at 11, then lunch, then emails and looking for conversations, PEOPLE.  Not “leads”, not businesses.  But people, real conversations.

I know how to pull self out of this lull, it’s obvious… attitude and sight.  No fear of anything, and why would I…  fear comes before the result of something most times.  Nothing’s happened.  So make something happen which will change the character’s temperament and inward speak.

People coming in and out of this coffee spot, kids and adults, then people that work here with garbage bins or bags or going outside for their break.  Keep moving…. And if something doesn’t seem as promising as you hoped, let it go and keep your beat.  I sound pseudo-motivational, and in NO way is that my aim.  This is inward talk that I guess I’m sharing…. But reconnecting to where I am, what I am, an AE with a daunting quota. 12 days counting today to get something on the board.  Stay in the sales story… you know what you want and it’s the only way to get there.

10:24, leaving in 10-ish minutes.  Property management people are the conversational focus for today.  See if it produces anything, long or short or any term.  Building on already-present and somewhat developed ideas.  No repetition or circles, only horizon movement.

After a more whole and applicable understanding of life – Where you are, what you’re doing, how you arrive there, and what follows in the next scene.