Not posting earlier writings this morning. Keeping off-blog.

Moving slow into the day.  And if I don’t sell anything, whatever.

Realizations in what I wrote, sticking to me and galloping through my thoughts like excited horses.  Life and its brevity, frightening but also… I don’t know, encouraging, exciting, exhilarating.  I’m here once…. Going for what I want, what I’ve always wanted.

7:24, been up since 6:40-something.  About to put on shirt, pack bag, head to Stony Point— no, last time it didn’t work.  Go to office, much I don’t want to.  Send emails, look for new business… Something.  Just get out of the house.

Planning the new semester.  Will send email to students at some point today, possibly.  Just an introduction, maybe a light and easy prompt.  Haven’t thought much about it, but I should start a conversation with them.

7:30, now the shift dominates my thinking climate.  What next to do, what can I do, how much longer to wait for certain scenes and developments.  Stop thinking about it.  Stop thinking, PERIOD.  Just move, act.

Getting up, use restroom then put on shirt then GO.  Windsor Starbucks.  Stay out of the office.. be in the street.  Walk around.  Just be OUT.

Mood elevating.  The self-talk assisted I the climb.  Am I completely out of it, no.  Getting there.