Jack in office with me.  Coffee.  For me of course, don’t that little beat sipping a hot cup in the morning, EVER.

In the kitchen thought, “How many different ways can I take a picture of coffee.  I do it a lot.  Then thought, how many different ways can I be an AE, sell what I do then develop further a new story.

Re-do budget today, completely re-do.  Hate all the receipts In wallet that I vow to enter into ledge and eventually do but till then just sit as this useless mini-brick hurting anytime I sit.  Done, no more.  Made promise last night to self that on 2/1/22 I’ll be in Paris.  To do this, start with today’s check.  Haven’t looked at it yet, nor do I plan to for a couple hours, at least.  But my 2/1/22 project is alive and moving in thought-lock.

Coffee in Paris.  Writing in Paris.  Running on all her streets….

Didn’t workout yesterday of course but will today.  Found headphones and am doing it – the 30 running and 30 weights routine.  Earlier rather than later, but not too early.  Around 3 or…..