Sent email cancelling my visit to the leads group.

Just not feeling it, doesn’t feel right.

One of the back-neighbors is playing music loud enough to hear.  Not loud as in having a party loud, but I hear something.  Maybe they’re doing a yoga class, or it’s a morning ritual, something.  Like me and this espresso, every morning of late.  Two shots, and I’m more or less ready.

Going to Novato this morning, 10am.  Will leave at 9.

Certain thoughts circling and setting in my head, and I ask them to stop but they don’t.  That makes me sound crazy, at least to me.  So I just keep writing.

Seventh day of the month and still nothing on the board sales-wise.  Reason for my mood, I’m sure.  Shit, maybe I should’ve gone to that leads meeting.  Still can if I want, doesn’t begin till 7:30.  Nope, already sent email.

The indecision makes its incision and slithers into my cells and bloodstream.  Hear Henry crying upstairs.  Get it together, Mikey…

Can’t think.  Then he stops.  Espresso kiss, centered.

Hear Jack coming down the stairs.  He says good morning and asks how I slept, looks for his water bottle for camp.