running declaration

Running in Oregon, in Boston one day, New Orleans, New York, Paris… everywhere.  I remember having this fantasy a few years ago, about running all over the world.  And I mean everywhere, and writing about it.  Not sure why I paused on that portrait even though I’m completely sure…. Now I touch it again.  See and believe what I’m about to do.  No run today, being here in Chris’ tasting room.  But tomorrow, and the day after that.  And not all on the tread.

Run around Sonic HQ, and any new route I can draw.  It’s hard during the week, but I’m sure I can put pieces together to assemble the running reality during the week I want.

Read a little of the book I bought yesterday at Copperfield’s, about hating running – but really what the author means is that’s what keeps him running, I think.  Again, haven’t read much of it.

Thinking tomorrow a five-miler.  Not a step more.  Limit myself as a runner as to think more ‘big picture’ and long-term.  11.5 hours into fast.  Don’t feel anything yet, don’t anticipate that famish sting till around 1.  Keep run in thoughts – someone runs by window…