12:42, in Sonic office….

Sent proposal away for approval, not in holding pattern.  Thinking of eating lunch here, not going to Del Valle as I often do.  Still have money on that keychain card…. Sales meeting at 3.  Keep forgetting about that… Hope I have a reminder on calendar.  Pretty sure I do.

Saw someone I haven’t seen in-person since before covid.  One of the other Sales Engineers.  Makes me think of time and how we only have so much of it and we never know how much.  So…. The blogging business Mike… Bottledaux, MY startup.  Just activate, NOW.

Sent an email to potential lead, for the blogging project.  Getting hungry now and a bit edgy, fiery.  Hear someone wrapping a box on the other side of the dividing wall.  Still quiet in office, still very much the covid isolationist hue.