Planning day in head then week.

Trying not to fixate on soon-to-be contracts or any outstanding ones.  Just the conversation itself.  New issue of Wine Spectator arriving yesterday, taking with me into tasting room.  Not sure why, think the first time I’ve done that.  Decided against scoring.  Rather, what I did for Courtney Foley when she would give me samples to taste – just write verse to what you meet.  No number, no grade, just music from music – music of the wine’s complexion and tone composing verses in my language.

Espresso telling me stay in wine – WINE.  In everything.  Taste through the Caddis flight before anyone arrives, note figures and archetypes in the Beats of each glass…. New ideas.  Wine pages compiling in an unexpected way this morning.  That wine shop, mine, wherever.  Not in Santa Rosa, for sure.  But …..  on the peninsula maybe.  Speaking of, may drive down there sometime this week.  For internet business, but also, honestly, just to explore my old neighborhood…. No home desk this week, not even a second.  Right now is the most you’ll see me at this goddamn desk, this week.

Edited first sentence of this post to have no comma.  First, it was written “Planning ay in head, then week.” Now of course, no comma.  More speed and spontaneity, more of the reality of Now – urgency, priority.  Been writing about writing in journal lately, quite a bitt.  On form and paragraph length and how I loathe punctuation.  Who says it has to be consistent.  And what is consistent.

I equate it to winemaking.  Someone’ll say Cab should have notes of …..  And my response is always, “And what if it doesn’t?” Writing should be a bit rushed, and connected to where you are and what you’re doing, who you are and how you arrived.  That, is priority.  No following punctuation dogma.