9:10, tall latte and quiet, readying for Napa.

Chris and I discussed last night what our target is, and it’s admirably simply, honestly… Downtown Calistoga.  Told him that was a great idea after he mentioned it, and me telling him that I drove through there Thursday morning on a cruise…. “Did I write this already?” I just thought.  Senior moment, and yes I think I’m really having one.

Thought about shaving but meh….  Ready for day as is.  Trying not to think about certain intersections and voices.  Focusing on day, this one… tomorrow in the Caddis Room.

Had an idea about a novel, for a character, one I’ve been thinking about for years.  Never finished obviously and really never started or progressed much past notes and sketches, blog posts about her apartment and her art, her day job at the advertising agency in SF.  My uber driver just now, Santiago, telling me that life is short and he’s retired and needs to be outside, not on the couch like some of his friends watching TV for 4, 5, 6, 7 hours.  Told him I agreed, then felt self back with this character – Kelly her name was originally.  Thinking…