Second double espresso made here in house.

Woke early, 7:33 now.  Showered and shaved, dressed and ready for drive to Sonoma which I love about as much as being in the Caddis Room on Square.  Wrote some aims for self in journal, for the day.  Tomorrow have calls lined up, and Field visit pretty much all day.  Not going to think about the Berkeley prospect – it either lands or it doesn’t.

Feeling quick this morning, like Kerouac at the desk, typing Road through all hours of all days.  With urgency, intention, newly set conviction.

Chris and I stopped in at a wine shop first, yesterday in Calistoga.  Saw a bottle of 1979 Santa Cruz Zinfandel from Ridge.  Reminded me of my age, where I am – wondering again how I got here, in more ways that just the obvious.