2:10, day goes still.

Jack and Emma upstairs playing some game, Melissa on a walk with Henry, the neighbor’s annoying fucking dog barks, and all my conversations are exhausted.  Even the inward one.

Run was not a run at all.  Stopped short of a mile because of ankle pain and lower-back.  This WILL stop, and it will stop today.  Had light lunch of peanut butter sandwich and Wheat Thins only a handful.  My health and fitness/running story is now catapulted.  Today, Day 1 of new story.

First, drink more water.  Drop weight.  Had water with lunch and am sipping it now rather than coffee, the cold brew in the can that had a putrid way about it and was not appealing even in the slightest.  Letting go my attempt at running today.  Tomorrow’s new and inviting, magnet for possibilities.

Will run 1st thing when back from taking kids to school, or simply from their campus head to Rohnert Park where another AE and I will be walking around in territory, passing out cards and trying to accrue leads new.

A little hungry and have that inclination for snack.  Not that I’m actually hungry, just opened the cupboard looking for something small to nosh.  Took nothing, elected the glass of water I started with lunch as the stead.

Subscribing to a running magazine tonight, no idea which one.  With this stall in the AE day could look now.  Again thinking of the run earlier, not even making it a mile before the pains started to pull and push me into a mood irreversible.  Let it go, I tell myself.  Look… it was positive, all an advantage additive to the running book… it started the story.  A new one of me running, toward the marathons of later this year or in 2022.