Meeting with Law Firm client, Henry in office with me.  Will shower after they leave… shave as well.  Today is about adjustment and consolidation..  In the last 100 days of the 365 project and it’s time to accelerate.

Barely anything on desktop for the first time in ….. who knows.  And I mean the actual desktop, not this laptop’s.  That is a whole ‘nother cleaning matter.

9:01am… thinking I’ll get a contract today.  Small one, but still a contract.

Can’t believe how good Herny’s being right now, playing in that standing station, banging one toy or plastic thing against another.. amusing himself.  That’s what I need to do more as an AE – make it fun and amusing for ME.

The poetic is in all of this, I realize.  The working from home, the call with the law firm, Julia and how she knows the comm portal and the ins and outs of our hosted voice system more than just “well”.