morning page

9:39 – not going to lie, took a nap when I came back from dropping off kids.  Guess I needed it after working both days of weekend in tasting room.  At desk now.. I’m 42 nearly, can’t be taking  those goddamn naps.  Drinking coffee right now, and with a good pace.  Staying awake and going after IT.  IT… like in Road.  What is IT, for me.  This, the page and my own business and this blog and travel…. THE KIDS.  Nothing else matters.  

Listening to different music this morning, Sonoma as I was last week.  Different feel and complexion.  Enjoying it, to say the least.  Overcast outside, and a little drizzly on way back from taking kids just as it was on 101 when riving there.  Maybe that prompted the nap.  Expenses to enter from yesterday.  Will do later.  Not thinking about money right now, have plenty of it, no cause for any nerves.  Me, this morning, getting back from nap… coffee, more of it.  One more hot cup after this then maybe some cold brew.  Looking to shock self with production today.  Run for today, later in morning, close to noon, and only 5k or a drop more.

After this entry, send reports to Mark.  Then, emails.  And lots of them.  May make a couple calls.  Hope to be on the phone more as I said in my self-assessment.. and build the goddamn network.  No more of these goddamn secondary circuits.  And when I have enough collected in collective conversations and bank account, open the Bottleaux office.  OR, #prospectesk office.  Which do I want to be the parent company, or anchoring being.  Haven’t decided yet, and don’t need to now.

Coffee is working, thank the Music.  This music, keeping me moving in a new beat, with a renewed beat and attitude.  Another inbound lead.  Another weak one.  I DO need to start generating my own leads and starting my own conversations.  Being dependent on ones the company provides would prove to be sales and business suicide for me.  Listing businesses, everything from lawyers to marketing firms, dentists… you know my focuses.  I don’t have one.. any business will do, long as they can afford it.  And if not, a conversation was started and who knows what that could turn into.

Thinking of leaving the house and going to Sonic office.  Didn’t know where badge was then remembered it’s right here, not he desk behind this screen.  Last week of class, thank everything that is everything positive in my story.  Take cash to bank, deposit for —  Stop counting, I remind myself.  Going to set two appointments for myself today… with either vendors or partners, new clients, whatever.  Something.  One client a little disappointed in a configuration with his devices and connectivity, and honestly I don’t care.  I’m not letting it bother me.  You won’t be everything to everyone but you can be everything to yourself, and About EVERYTHING in your story.  Yes… I need to leave the house.  Work at a Starbucks… can you do that now?  You can at the Hopper location but not sure about Stony Point where I spent a great deal of hours last year and in ’19 as an AAE.

One page for morning.  Now into AE story.. make it something else, again.  New music, new sight.