10:56am, in Caddis Room.

Went to that French bakery but as always line too long and settled for the cold brew I brought in can.  While setting up and taking tables outside nocked over one then two of those little cacti in little planters.  First was when turning right to head out with a table, knocking one of the legs against a bar stool.  Little clump of dirt fell from its planter, mess on floor – “Fuck it, I’ll sweep it out later.” The second when one of the tallboy tables outside was being arranged and I tapped it over with right hand, moving sanitizer by the little pour bucket.  Boom, falls and spills and that little soil cake is on its side.

Guy rides bike by, recognizes me.  Francisco…. Works for Facebook, high level.  Speaks on his stress and how he told his wife he just needed to get away for a weekend and get “rip-roaring” drunk.  He did, then calls her and says he feels terrible, like he’s going to die.  Someone on his team literally dying of stress like Francisco, in the hospital with a panic attack so intense he thought he was having a heart attack.  Then tells me his daughter got a job at some shop around the corner, can’t remember which one.  She’s 16 and it’s a part-time gig.

Friend just messages me asking if I’m working today.  Yes, I tell him.  He’s going by Sebastiani later to taste and pickup wine.  Good.. if I can have guests like that all day, people I know, then I’ll be fine, not overworked like yesterday.

Francisco telling me after I offer a thought of taking one day at a time and to just relax, “Nah… we don’t work like that.  We’re masters of the universe…” Part of me was like, EYE-ROLL.  But most of me was saying to self, ‘Master YOUR universe.  TODAY.  NOW.  From the Caddis Room.