10:40 AM, just parked on second Street in Sonoma.

Allergies are attacking me. Even still should be a fun day, can get some writing done in the tasting room, sell some wine maybe if not that’s fine… Even still it’s going to be a day that will be enjoyable, one needed for me. Quiet. Time for me. Work on the goddamn book.

In tasting room.  Listened to Thievery on the way over, nearly the entire time.  Windows 90% lowered, thinking of my vineyard… one I’ll eventually have.  Here in Sonoma, Sonoma Valley AVA, somewhere.

Chris left a wine for me to taste from a vineyard he recently contracted with for some tons, for this vintage and possibly next as well.  Now, in room, tables all out on parklett, Hotel Costes the current list.  Music in all these cars, the people passing, the people that passed and watched me set up.  Air conditioning on, Chris must have programmed.  Set to be in the 80s today… Should taste that new Chard, the Livermore, ’19 I think, 40% American Oak which I had to question Chris about but I’m not used to AO being framed for Chardonnay, part of its composition.