3.57 miles, 9:29 pace.  Only reason I stopped was from left sock being too low in back, shoe started hurting, cutting me.  First run of this new habit and attempt to be marathon-ready in 90 days.

Pace was fine, I guess.  No problem with lower-back or temp outside.  Please overall.  Fruit for lunch and drinking water now, chewing gum to thwart any sudden appetite.

Calming instrumentals, sent pricing to big prospect.  Very much ahead of the day.  Why can’t all days be like this.  Well, if they were you wouldn’t have the contrast and you feel like this, this good, you wouldn’t have the YOU that you’re now enjoying.  Get everything from this day you can.  Write it, stash for future day when you don’t have this loving volume.

Quick shower, soon.  Then what.  The day stalls on me, or maybe is waiting for me to choose a path for it.  Or maybe I should do what I said is needed more and that’s less writing and more living, so you HAVE something to write.  Duh, I literally say aloud in this empty house with no one to react, and maybe that’s a good thing.

Then I pick up phone and start scrolling the Facebook feed, which is always a putrid worm hole.  News on the officer shot in Colorado, then a wine blogger posting that people should let grapes speak for themselves, another friend posting about her 21st birthday… then I feel old and put down the phone, with fangs and a growl.

Tired, could take a nap.  DON’T DO IT.  Or maybe I should.  Would give me something to write, wouldn’t it?  Wait, how so?  Nevermind..

This is one of those times where I see and feel my mind going in circles.  I want to sit it down for a talk, a 1-on-1, meeting.  What are you doing?  I want to ask it.  Stop, take a break…

Turn off the music I’m listening to, LoFi beats, and collect… collect some. more.  What’s the outcome?  None… okay now what.  Is this anxiety?  Or ADD?  Maybe it’s something new.  I should be recognized.