Calls today. Fiberoptic footprint only.

Comb through Google Earth file, street by street.  Write all leads, new leads, are gathered.

Work on first cup, two small sips.  True, I’m over 180% of quota, but in this covid cloud I’m always worried about the next month. Can’t let self do that, no AE should worry but rather intensify planning.

In the field on Monday.  Just go for a walk, hand out cards.  That’s it.

Easing into today, Friday.  Writing down aims, maybe.  Or, just going moment to moment, breath to breath, call to call.

Two wines last night, again not saying much.  Enjoyable yes but not saying much in terms of conviction, or instruction, showing me something new or offering new pages from the battle to read.  That’s just it… it’s easy, approachable, not excessively literary just an easy and inviting invite.  A conversation….

Looking for more conversations, in today’s calls.  New leads from a list given to me by admin, then some others I’ve gathered in the past couple days…. Then an idea hits me, and I mean AGGRESSIVELY.

In journal.  Think …. Know what to do, see it forming.  An old idea returning in new hue and form.