Cleaning crew used bleach on the kitchen floor.

No wonder, thought when Ricardo told me after I called and mentioned that the scent is strong and my nose is stinging and I’m not feeling well.  Said he’d come over and take care of it, so I took a drive.  Thought about stopping somewhere for a glass then remembered I bought a white and red for tonight.  Matanzas Creek SB (no surprise) and a Valley of the Moon Sonoma Valley, or County, Cab.

What happened to the vvv blog?  Still don’t know.  Never had to do that, get into design mode.  Working on it some more this evening.  When stalled I just say wine three times, like Candy Man or Bloody Mary, Beattlejuice.

Neighbors’ kids on our patio, two of them.  Thank you Sauv Blanc for being here, being here for ME.  The call I had earlier we spoke about what wine is and what her intentions are.  To forget certain things, or to make them more approachable, to have them land or connect with out desired volume.  One of the kids falls and starts crying and Emma’s a suspect.  Ugh, need another glass.  And another.

Why do kids always slam doors?  Animals.  Glass poured after this word.