3:04pm, something happening with the vinovinevin blog.

The theme changed without me telling it to, or something.  So I had to become a fucking web designer in the moment.  And actually, I’m happy with the way it looks, now, more than before.  Funny when things go that way.  Could feel and see myself getting stressed and unnerved and for what.

House quiet.  Vacant, but me.  Tempted to work offsite, maybe at Hook & Ladder, or somewhere in Windsor.  After this morning’s call, I’m only writing wine.  WINE…. I say it to myself a number of times.  Music on, LoFi beats… hear them in my tasting room, thieving Syrah from barrel only a couple weeks after racking post-ML.

Now I’m in character, now I have that book in sight, ‘stemz’… all ideas and realities stemming from others.  And mine decided a helix with vino.

Why go anywhere when I have this quiet. This is what I’ve been waiting for all day.  Yes, all day.

Got first issue of Wine Spectator.  Yes I decided to subscribe… should read.  This issue about dogs, winery or industry dogs.  Not much a dog person, honestly.  I know, I’m a dick.

Break time, no?