Returning to #prospectesk project/startup idea again.

Hard to focus though with Jack and Emma in their craze of crazes this morning.  First call 13 minutes, maybe a bit more.  Don’t want to call right AT 9.

11:01, like that house is quiet.  Doing some light canvassing and prospecting.  Suddenly tired.  Could take a quick nap but Costco order gets here soon, I think.

Oh my god this is amazing.  No other voices.  Can listen to LoFi and actually hear it… can listen to Ms. Lawson read and actually LISTEN.  Yes, I’m reminded… quiet is the drug, it is the addiction, what I hunt.  However I can get it, I’ll get it.

Found new lead in Berkeley.  Maybe I should start with Berkeley next week.  Drive down in the morning, walk around the numbered streets, see what I can find.  Like someone I just had a call with said, “It’s time.’ Yes, agreed.  Time to leave the home office, be in the street.  Meet people and their businesses, new stories for me to write.

The house no longer suppresses or attacks me, but urges me, instructs.  It reminds me of all the new approaches I’ve gathered while here.