11:24, still no Costco.  Not going forward with the #prospectesk project.  See?  See what this thing is doing to me… this time and type of day, the covid curse?  Don’t blame it on that, stop….  Okay, just me.  I am the business. Think it’s a Jay-Z line, where he says something like “I’m not a businessman… I’m a business, man.” Love that idea.  Simple, singular, consolidated, FINALLY.

What wine am I having tonight?  Is it bad I’m thinking about wine at 11:26?  No… I’m a wine person, or writer, or something.  Wine… huh.  Can’t believe I’m going to the estate tomorrow, the West Sebastopol property.  Oh well… that’s what I get for following up, being a prompt and note taking-oriented business person.  From what I remember, there’s only one group tomorrow, or a virtual tasting.  I can’t remember.

Want to see more humor in wine, and I do.  Everything from the people I enjoy being around to those I would rather just have not be anywhere near me.  It’s all funny.  It is….  This one winemaker I know starts off his presentations, and yes an actual presentation not so much an interaction, with a lesson on wine and the history of wine, then how we taste… like the receptors or something.  So boring.  But in his mind he’s convinced, and I mean sure, that these people want to be taught rather than just sip wine and take in his beautiful one-acre property.  If you know who I’m mentioning, know it’s not with any malice or mean spirited stroke.  I just think it’s kind of funny, that’s all.

And me, thinking of what to write about wine, and what wine I’m going to taste tonight.  Yes, I’m going to take a second to jest on the Mike Madigan wine character.  What is he doing? Why are you thinking so much about it?  What are you hoping to find in what you taste?  And this whole funk with wine, like you and wine aren’t speaking to each other or aren’t communicating in a way you used to?  Get the fuck out of here.

Wine persists as this more than enjoyable spiritual shapeliness for me, and I can’t help but find it funny when anyone makes it anything but.  Sommeliers, no beef with the ones I know.  Though, some that I know people who know, and that I’ve read about… Jesus.  Those voices I just can’t stomach …. Something for me to explore.  “Wine people”.  Shit, where do I start… I know so. many.

Finally, the Costco person is here.  Of course,, just when I break out of my block or stall or sentence seizure.  Okay, time to unpack… pretend it’s a wine industry person, look at them like they’re giving a presentation and you’re afraid to sip ‘cause it might be seen as rude.

She was across the street, parked, then drove away, now is driving back and forth on the street.  Hey, doctor.. I’m over here!  Of course…