Melissa taking Henry on a walk.  Perfect day for running, I saw opening the door handing the exhausted little beat to his mother.  Should be around 64 degrees when I launch for my hour.

New leads being gathered, feeling great about the week.  Haven’t touched the other blogs, but will post to #professormikey later for tonight’s class.  Feeling focused and centered, even disciplined this morning.  The run will confirm my being and new ideas, new sights and steps as a blogger and writer.  Huh.. put blogger before writer.  Don’t think I’ve done that before.  What it means I think I know but don’t want o hex positive progress.

Quiet in house is textural and felt…. About to call a CPA lead in Petaluma.  Easy call as we don’t have our fiber there yet, so it’s literally just calling and saying hi like I’ve always lauded.  Selling, sales… not doing that.  I really never have.  But now, I’m even more diametrical to that dance.

Taking a little writing break here, then looking at running blogs and resources… Need new running shoes, I know.  Think I have a pair in garage only used like two maybe three times.  Use those today.