Up at 6:44. Ready to leave for kids’ zoom school.

Driving them across town for the first time in months.  Ready for day, and class tonight I tell myself.  A blend of truth and forced self-encouragement.

Running today.  After yesterday talk with Jenn, a friend of mine who manages the Starbucks on Hopper and how how she’s running nearly 40 miles a week now training for a 50k, I am running today.  Or death.  Will do a solid hour.  And then the same tomorrow, and the day next and next.

Can hear kids brushing their teeth, I think.  Yes…. Just heard Jack say “Com one…” to Emma.

For tonight, class:  Essays, Conversation, Truth, Writing from Truth for more Truth…. Plan so far.

8:59am:  Back from drive about 20 minutes ago.  Have to now submit reports and timesheet.  My prospecting approach today will be rigid and persistent.  Starting with existing verticals and will stem from there.  I’m not going to lie, looking forward to that day where I don’t have to prospect.  I try and talk myself into liking or loving it, but no.  It’s not something I enjoy doing ro should have to do too much.  Yes I’m in sales, I guess you could say, but not this knocking of doors.  I know it’s something I have to do but no something I have to like or love.  So, approaching with comedy.