Dimension Allowed

Contract in, taking a break.  Writing down ideas for the #prospectesk project.  Nothing really tremendous, just… writing.  Latte done.  Budget done.  Melissa on a walk with Henry and Emma, leaving Jack and I here together.  Talking a bit then he retreats to finish some schoolwork.  “Nice music?” He says down to me from the stairs.  Not sure why.  He mustn’t be doing work, oh well.  “Speaking of music..” I say, then put on some chill beats, an Emancipator track remixed by Odezza.  What’s it called?  “Eve II”.  Never heard this song before.  This is what I want and need and require more as a writer as I age.  Newness, an overwhelming pulse and dose of it.

Calendar reminder to call a prospect and follow up on proposal.  No rush, learning that more and more in this covid set.  Looks like we may finally be coming out of it, slowly and somewhat surely.  Case numbers going down….  Good.  Need to be out in world, street, drive to San Rafael, Berkeley…. Put more into the #prospectesk project, and all the instruments I develop.

Quarterly meeting today, 2pm.  Long weekend as well.  Spending rest of day exploring, new businesses and areas.  Permitting new beats and frames, names for prospects and conversations.  Cold again, heater was on but now off.  Jackie playing a game and telling me about his character and the outfit he wears, asks me if I think it’s cool.  Love listening to his explanations and then him asking me questions and for verification, if I understand and more or less if I approve, if I agree with his assessment of the perceived coolness.

“Goodness”, new Emancipator track.  Makes me think of Sunriver, Oregon.  Not sure why but as if I’m looking out at a field entirely pressed in snow, a fire pit on the side of the lodge, me with a glass of Merlot….  Talking about wines to people attending a conference or wine event, pouring my stories from their glass homes.  Wine… getting a subscription to Spectator I think. And maybe Enthusiast as well.  Thinking of my life’s work with wine, and, well, how there needs to be everything wine in my paragraphs… these blogs are all from the wined quake and place.  Thinking….  Barrels, the Syrah I tasted last night…. A tasting room… vineyard rows covered in water…. Texting my friend Taryn in the Lancaster TR, telling her I want to come back…. Need more NEW wine stories.