EOD, glass of SB.

Going over the idea of winemaking in my head, and what stops me is money.  That says something if that’s all it takes to stop me.  So… then what… conversation.  Creativity.  Was journaling about this earlier and I thought how fucking silly— no, STUPID.

Sipping the Mauritson Sauvignon Blanc I bought yesterday.  Just the style of SB I’d make, only, maybe a little more immediate acid support and backbone.  Then I take a sip and think, maybe not.  The scent is something very firm yet gentle and a bit evasive, taunting, asking myself “What was that, what was that…?”

Bought a case of Sebastiani, from my buddy Jesse.  Asked him to put a case together, had to remind him what I like which of course I gave him a hard time over, and it was settled.  He’ll deliver it later.  Not too familiar with Sebastiani wines, just remember tasting Cherry Block a short while ago, and a Zin and Cab at one point.  Yes I know the history but part of me’s like ‘who cares’?  Not presently concerned, but maybe later if it leads to vineyard history and yield, soil character, and whatever else.

Looking through phone history and see that video again, the one of my little sister pulling a Rosé sample from one of those square tanks.  “I’m making wine goddamnit.” I say to myself.. write in journal and of course just typed here.  Syrah, where I’m starting.  One barrel.  Texted my friend Chris, asked if I could shadow his Syrah project this vintage if I can’t afford the ton or half-ton I need.  Want to get a ton… I don’t know, just to make it even. Maybe make a little more than a barrel.  The Syrah last night, no.  Not making that style.  I need more weight, more oak (So what?), and more music in the composition’s entire… more speech, more communication.